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Taking on “Gaming for Good” for Sands this February (ends 5th March)

AbsinthTears is…^7000Gaming for Good^7000Raising money for…^7000SANDS^7000Please support me^7000

AbsinthTears is taking on “Gaming for Good” – Raising money for SANDS – Please help & support me and raise as much donations as possible. 

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Lets do this and raise as much as we can for SANDS

Vote for what games you’d like to see on my “Gaming for Good” challenge

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ending on the 5th March – be sure to drop on by and support be that using Amazon prime and using your FREE monthly subscription, taking part or uses bits to shout out, or of course donating directly using the link below, everything helps, until the end of the fundraiser will be added to the Donations on Facebook for SANDS. 
I’ve signed up for Gaming for Good in February Challenge for Sands.
The fundraiser will start the 1st Feb & end at the end of February and I’ll aim to Platinum as many games as I can ranging from all-kinds of genres, both will be logged on my gaming channel, Facebook & here on the website.
^^^ I had huge issues with streaming up until the 21st – I had an audio conflict which made the game audio jitter. This has now finally been fixed. I will be streaming most evenings (GMT) 10.30/11pm until late. Unfortunately i wont be Platinum Hunting like i originally planned but would love for you all to get involved in just having fun and raising as much Donations as we can for ‘Gaming for Good’ (Sands). All Donations/Tips will be added to the Fundraiser on Facebook. Come and join me 🙂
I want to take action and make an impact, and I would love your help. Whether you donate £5 or £500, every bit counts. I’ve set an ambitious goal because I know that with support from people like you, I can get there.
I’ll use my gaming profile “AbsinthTears” and my personal account to spread the word and with your help be it donating or spreading the word we can do this. Lets smash beyond that £200 for SANDS!

Sands offers emotional support and practical help to anyone affected by the death of a baby. We work in partnership with health professionals to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care. We promote changes in practice and fund research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.

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