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How to use your Troops and Rally’s the correct way Guide

How to use your Troops and Rally’s correctly Guide

Ok, so here is a guide on everything to do with Troops from the basic stuff to the more important advanced stuff within the game State of Survival, understanding how to use your troops correctly is crucial for success. Troops play a vital role in various aspects of the game, including defending your base, attacking other players’ bases, and participating in events. This guide will go over everything to do with Troops from the basic stuff to more advanced and in detail.

Get to know your Troop types

Firstly, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types of troops available in the game. State of Survival offers a diverse range of troop types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. These include infantry, hunters and, riders. . Each troop type excels in specific situations and has unique abilities when fighting.

Troop attributes

Troop attributes can be categorized into four main types: attack, lethality, defence, and health. These attributes are essential for determining the strength and durability of troops in various combat scenarios.

In combat, two crucial factors come into play: attack and lethality. These determine the extent of damage your troops can inflict on the enemy and their chances of successfully damaging or eliminating the enemy. On the other hand, defense plays a significant role in minimizing the damage your troops receive. Meanwhile, health refers to how much damage your troops can withstand before defeat.

Both defense and health determine how long your troops will stand while your enemy continues to deal damage.

It is necessary to improve all of your troops’ four attributes, but here are some tips for you regarding specific troop types. Since the infantry troops mainly play the tank’s role in the front line of combat, it is suggested to improve your infantry tier first.

Troop Types

The three main types of troops are infantry, hunters, and riders.

Using your Troops effectively

To use your troops effectively, you need to consider several factors. One key aspect is troop composition. Building a balanced army that combines different troop types can provide you with versatility on the battlefield. For example, having a mix of infantry units for tanking damage and shooters for dealing ranged attacks can be super effective. However sticking to one method can easily be outsmarted by the enemy.

Another crucial factor is understanding counters and matchups between troop types. Certain troops are more effective against specific enemy units while being weak against others. Learning these matchups can give you an advantage in battles by exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses. If you don’t know this, you are cannon fodder and you might be better jumping your troops off the nearest cliff. if fighting someone stronger.

For example, if the enemy has more Infantry units, you might want to march with more ATVs and/or bows than infantry; because they have increased damage against infantry units. This would kill their Infantry units, leaving them open for a second attack/rally which would annihilate all hunters and riders.

Additionally, strategic deployment of troops is essential for success. Understanding when to attack or defend with your troops can make a significant difference in battle outcomes. Timing rally’s with other alliance members or attacks will win you the fight. For instance, deploying riders against enemy shooters can quickly eliminate their ranged threat before they inflict significant damage on your forces.


The Rally Leader(s):-

 Rally Leaders are the members that have the highest stats in the entire alliance. They are the front lead that needs to start the rallies. Their main job is to start the rally or be a war spear.

  • Every single stat matters for this member since the supporters or joiners will join the rallies made by them.
  • This member will need to have the best heroes and be always updated based on the growth timeline of your state.
  • The Rally power is judged by how many strong players have joined.

As for the disadvantages: This member will be under pressure because they will need to rush their growth. They will have a harder time healing troops as they will have to swap into economic talents whenever they need to heal on a large scale, or they will have to enjoy micro healing for a very long time. Rally Leaders will direct their research focus to war 80 and development 20 percent.

The Joiners:-

A joiner will have a bit of a easier time than the rally leader(s) since they will fill all the rallies made by the leaders. They will inherit all of their stats, so they don’t need to spend as much to keep up. Many players confuse this and attempt to create their own rallies which either leads to more losses or wounded troops.

But what is their responsibility? They will need to have updated stats too but they will have less focus, so no need to rush to get the best heroes as the purple heroes will do fine. They will have different growth and talents too. Their research tree can be a mix of the three trees but as a general rule they will always be in economic talents, and they will need to spend way less in the long run.

The Supporters (Clickers):-

  • Supporters can fill either the main rally if there are not enough members or they can always fill the secondary rallies.
  • Supporters are the members that can have somewhat mixed feelings about the enjoyment during wars. Usually the casual players.

The Supporters are seriously needed for micro/batch/quick healing and help during wars. They can be permanent joiners if they did extra effort. Every single click they do takes away three minutes of your current members suffering and needs to heal them up. They can go on the economic tree most of the time and pick development too. They can support the team by sharing resources. They are always on economic tree talent and war tree might be useless for them during wars. One of the advantages is supporters will be more relaxed and have the lowest pressure of all.

The disadvantage: supporters may only rally an infected fiend. Supporters may not have the game enjoyment the other two roles have. Having them join main Rallies can fill that rally with low level troops and more or likely will suffer losses or even worst break a solid attack or defence which can turn the tides of war around completely.

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