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Operation Festival Surprise Tasks

State of Survival – Operation Festival Surprise Tasks

Migration Plan

0:00 UTC
Relocate to a tile with the same x and y coordinates

Use a adv relocator to port your settlement to a location like x: 50 y: 50*


Clarity Of Mind

4:00 UTC
Reset your Chief Talents 3 Times

It an absolute waste of resets but rest your Chief Talents x3 times – this can be done using bio caps if you do not own Reset Talent item*


Demolition Master

8:00 UTC
Demolish 50 Buildings

Sounds dangerous right? Not really, simply delete your roads or a section of road within your settlement to the total of 50 – once done 50 the game will pop up a msg stating its complete*


Social Butterfly

12:00 UTC
Talk to at least 10 of your contacts

Simple send a msg to 10 of your in game contacts – its not 100% confirmed but the last time i did this, i was able to spam my second account to achieve it but had to do it 50 times – NOT 10*


Fashion Guru

16:00 UTC
Change your avatar 5 times

Change your avatar 5 times – choose the default in game avatars and make sure each time its a different one*


Honor Showcase

20:00 UTC
Edit the Achievement Badge 5 times

Edit your Chief Achievement Display Badges (look like medals) x5 times – simply move them and save 5 times*

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