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The SwagShop is ready to serve

Brand new AbsinthTears merch with my own artwork in the  SwagShop  🙂

FREE UK Shipping for any order over £25 for limited time!

Jumped onboard with Twitch

Started a Twitch channel – live most evenings GMT from 10.30/11pm until late

Keeping Tabs

  • The monthly PS Plus Vids have been all been gathered into the PS Plus Vault.
  • The Trophy Guide Vault is filling up nicely.
  • New Officially Licensed merchantdise from the likes of PlayStation, Xbox, Stranger Things, Super Mario, Harry Potter, Friends & more are added to the Swag Shop.
  • The latest News & Posts.

Who is AbsinthTears?

AbsinthTears is myself:- A Dad, A Gamer, An Artist & a DJ.

AbsinthTears Gaming has been going for over a year now. It started as a gaming channel over on YouTube that I enjoy doing when I have the free time, and isn’t it amazing how less free time you have when you have two little monsters running around. None the less I am hoping to really kick it off once I have relocated home and the kids are in school hopefully this Summer. The channel currently offers guides & walkthroughs towards those Platinum Trophies & “The Lets Play…” where I’ll explore new upcoming indie games and games that Im currently enjoying.

Subscribe to be up to date on the newest guides, roadmaps & walkthroughs.

Or also feel free to browse the online Swag Shop for my latest artwork/merch & other gaming goodies! We all know how hard it is to start on YouTube especially for a gaming Dad, so your support is very much appreciated.


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