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New PS5 Slim Console Rumoured to Release at the back end of 2023

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A recent rumor has suggested that a new, slim model of the PlayStation 5 will be releasing in the back half of 2023. In a general sense, it shouldn’t be shocking whatsoever to hear that Sony might be looking to make a new version of the PS5. With the console nearing the anniversary of its two-year launch, it seems likely that a new model of the platform will arrive before long. And while Sony itself has yet to confirm that a slimmer version of the PS5 is on the way, it sounds like we could learn more on this front soon enough.

Based on new information from TheLeak.co, Sony is preparing to release a new model of the PS5 that will be smaller and lighter in comparison to the current version that is available. Although Sony might not refer to this new PS5 model as “Slim” in name, it should noticeably cut down on the heft of the console while also supposedly making changes to the exterior of the unit. Currently, it’s not known exactly when this new PS5 console could arrive, but a release in the third quarter (July-September) of 2023 is said to be the window that Sony is preparing for.

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It’s understood that this new PlayStation 5 console will be sold on its own, or, in a bundle with the detachable disc drive. It’s also understood that the disc drives can also be purchased separately, so, if it gets busted, there’s no need to buy an entirely new console. 

Sources have implied that although the new detachable disc drive is portable, it will not ruin the aesthetics of the console and will attach to it without looking external, presumably meaning the new PlayStation 5 will look similar to the existing model.

Insider Gaming

As a whole, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about a new PS5 model launching in 2023. Previously, publication Insider Gaming reported a little over a month ago that Sony was planning to develop a new PS5 that would feature a detachable disc drive. This version of the console was also claimed to be launching in 2023, which makes it seem likely that this rumored slim model and the version with a removable disc drive are one and the same. Only time will tell if this proves to be true, but it definitely seems like we should expect to hear more from Sony in the coming months.

Since launch, Sony has struggled to keep up with demand for its current-gen console, with the system often being out of stock even two years later. The new revision would allow Sony to focus its manufacturing resources on one PS5 SKU, with a separate supply line for the detachable disc drive. This should allow Sony to make more units to better meet demand in 2023 and beyond.

The PS5 Slim will likely be cheaper than the original PS5’s launch price of $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95, though it’s since gone up to £479.99 / €549.99 / AU$799.95, thanks to the PS5 getting a price hike. We would expect it to be around £100 cheaper, so $399 / £349, which was the PS4 launch price.

Historically, Sony tends to release a Slim version of its consoles three years after launch. This was the case with PS3 and PS4, while the PS2 Slim and PS One took four years and six years to arrive respectively.

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