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‘Bloody Hell Hotel’ is a vampiric hotel sim inspired by ‘Stardew Valley’

‘Bloody Hell Hotel’ is a vampiric hotel sim inspired by ‘Stardew Valley’

A new first-person horror-filled take on management sims like Stardew Valley is on the way, as the vampiric hotel manager game Bloody Hell Hotel has been announced. 

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Players will assume the role of a vampire in the Unfold Games developed title, where they’ll have to renovate their hotel and look after guests, but they can then choose to suck their blood instead of letting them check out.

Created by indie horror developer Wlad Marhulets – responsible for Darq – and some of the staff behind Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Baldur’s Gate 3, the team want it to be “the most ambitious first-person simulation game in existence”

As with every system in the game…

tasks can be performed manually or be semi-automated with the use of vampiric powers that the player unlocks as they level up.


The management sim picks up after the player wakes up from a centuries-long coma and finds their gigantic manor in ruins. It’s then slowly turned into a prosperous hotel with a crypt buried underneath. Here players can forage for items and crafting materials, and even fight their way through a monster-filled dungeon.
Parts of the hotel can also be automated via vampiric powers that are gained by consuming the blood of guests, and the hotel staff can also be made up of other vampires.

The player can forge their own weapons from scratch, choose materials, customise design, shape, etc.

It’s these choices, combined with the unlockable combat skills and the use of vampiric powers, that will play a major role in melee combat. I’d like to add that combat isn’t meant to be an adrenaline-filled experience – it’s more casual in nature, so it fits well within the simulation genre. Think of it as exploring caves in Stardew Valley, but in a twisted Tim Burton-like 3D world.


Whilst there are certainly some horror roots in this game, Marhulets has also described it more like a “dark comedy” with gothic horror elements.

The game is coming to PC and consoles, although which consoles are unknown at this time. It can be found on Steam here.

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