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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Best Stats, Virtues & Builds

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Best Stats, Virtues & Builds

Having the the best stats & build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will make fights much easier. We will show you, how to build your character to maximum effect.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features a straightforward, yet intricate system that can be overwhelming for players deciding how to invest their upgrade points. To help with this, let’s go over the game’s primary stats and identify which ones you should prioritize.

Just like in other notable Souls-like games like Elden Ring, your build will impact several aspects of your gameplay, including your strength, durability, elemental resistance, and more.

Best Stats & Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To upgrade these various characteristics, you’ll need to acquire and utilize Genuine Qi, which is invested into the Five Virtues that the game emphasizes. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the system for leveling up is based on the yin-yang philosophy of Chinese culture, where each of the game’s Five Phases or Virtues represents a different aspect of the player character.

We will give you a summary of all five virtues, as well as some tips on the best stats to skill into.

The Five Virtues Overview

By investing points into these Virtues, players can improve their stats, such as health, equipment load, and Spirit Gauge reduction when dodging or deflecting. Additionally,each Virtue is associated with specific spells that players can learn.

With only five main parameters, leveling up in Wo Long is pretty straightforward, and there is no wrong answer when it comes to stat investment.

Players can mix and match between the Virtues to find the perfect playstyle for them. Increasing stats will also increase damage dealt, but this is dependent on the weapon and its scaling with the element the player is investing in.

For example, investing in the Wood Virtue will increase damage dealt by weapons with an A-rank scaling in Wood. Furthermore, increasing stats in any Virtue will provide more defense to the opposite Virtue.

Finally, leveling up in any of the Virtues will increase your HP.

Wood Virtue Affects HP the most and the amount of Spirit lost when attacked.
Fire Virtue Affects the amount of Spirit gained when attacking, and the amount of Spirit consumed by Martial Arts.
Earth Virtue Affects the equipment weight limit and the amount of Spirit gained when deflecting an attack.
Metal Virtue Affects the duration that a high level of Spirit can be maintained for, and the amount of Spirit consumed by Wizardry Spells.
Water Virtue Affects how easily enemies can detect you and the amount of Spirit consumed when deflecting.

Wood Virtue

The Wood Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is known for its utility benefits. Investing in the Wood Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be beneficial for players who want to increase their maximum HP and overall defense.

  • This phase can also help players resist Earth Wizardry and increase their affinity for Wood Wizardry, which includes spells that focus on lightning magic, buffs, and thorn summoning.
  • In addition, players can increase the duration of beneficial spells and their Spirit Defense, which is tied to how much of their Spirit Gauge is reduced when taking a hit.
  • However, players should also be aware that investing in Wood Virtue will decrease their resistance to Metal.

This Virtue impacts your overall Spirit Defence, duration of spells, and resistance to Earth Wizardry.

It’s worth noting that Spirit Defence in Wo Long is different from regular Defence, as it determines how much of your Spirit Gauge decreases when you take a hit.

By investing points in Wood Virtue, you can withstand more hits and avoid having your Spirit Gauge broken, leaving you exposed to enemy attacks.

  • Additionally, increasing your Wood Virtue level will increase the duration of beneficial spells that you and your Followers can use, which plays a significant role in the spells offered by the Wood phase.


Fire Virtue

The Fire Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty focuses on aggressive playstyle in battles.It affects how much Spirit is gained when attacking enemies, with faster Spirit charging resulting in enhanced charged attacks, martial art attacks, and spells when used with a full gauge. Investing in Fire also reduces the Spirit cost of using martial arts, which are powerful attacks tied to different weapons.

Without investing in Fire, relying on martial arts may quickly drain your Spirit Gauge, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

If you prioritize dealing damage, the Fire Phase is the ideal choice as it maximizes your attacking stats.

It also reduces the cost of using martial arts skills, which are best used at the end of a combo. Additionally, investing in Fire unlocks the powerful Flame Weapon Wizardry skill when you accumulate 12 virtue points.

  • Fire Virtue also increases HP, Spirit Gain Rate for Attacking, Fire Affinity, and Metal Resistance while decreasing Water Resistance.

Earth Virtue

The Earth Virtue governs your equipment load and defense, as it boosts the amount of Spirit you gain when you successfully deflect an attack.

Wearing heavier armor provides more overall resistance, so investing in Earth is crucial for surviving more hits. If you find yourself over-encumbered while wearing heavy armor, increasing your Earth Virtue is a must, but don’t neglect the other Virtues.

Deflecting is an essential playstyle in Wo Long, and the game encourages you to master it and use it in almost every situation.

Deflecting increases your Spirit, so if you enjoy this playstyle, investing in Earth will maximize the Spirit you gain from successful deflections.

The Earth Phase is particularly useful for decreasing your overall Max Equipment Weight, which is significant since heavier armor and equipment can negatively impact your mobility and Spirit.

Furthermore, investing in Earth will make deflecting even more beneficial for you, which is important for taking down bosses like Zhang Liang that require patience and skillful deflections.

  • Increasing your Earth Virtue provides other benefits such as increased HP, Spirit gain rate for deflecting, Earth affinity, and water resistance while decreasing wood resistance.

Metal Virtue

Metal is a virtue that governs spell casting and helps maintain your Spirit Gauge in Wo Long. Investing in Metal is particularly useful for sorcerer builds, as it allows you to cast more spells without risking a dangerous drop in your Spirit Gauge.

Casting spells can be risky, as using one when your Spirit Gauge is already low can leave you vulnerable to attacks.

One of the main benefits of Metal is that it increases your Spirit Sustainability.

This means that when your Spirit Gauge is in the blue section of the bar, which indicates a high level of positive Spirit, it will stay that way for a longer period of time before naturally depleting.

This gives you a larger window to cast spells without putting yourself at risk. While Metal Phase may not be the most effective virtue, it has some useful qualities, such as reducing the cost of Wizardry spells.

This is particularly valuable if you rely heavily on spells in your playstyle.

Additionally, investing in Metal can help you maintain your accumulated Spirit levels and prevent them from decreasing too quickly, allowing you to save up Spirit for more powerful attacks.

  • Overall, Metal Phase increases HP, Spirit Stability, and Metal Affinity while decreasing Spirit Consumption Rate for Wizardry Spells. However, it also decreases Fire Resistance while increasing Wood Resistance.

Water Virtue

Water plays a crucial role in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as it affects your ability to stay undetected and your efficiency in deflecting attacks. To gain an advantage over your enemies, it’s recommended to invest points in Water for a better chance of deflecting attacks while conserving your Spirit.

However, it’simportant to time your deflects correctly, or you risk depleting your Spirit and becoming vulnerable.

Stealth isn’t a major factor in the game, but if you canapproach enemies undetected, you can execute a fatal strike.

Water Phase is a valuableupgrade for enhancing your stealth and allowing you to sneak up on enemies more skillfully.

Additionally, leveling up this area grants accessto the Unseeable form Wizardry ability, which temporarily makes you invisible, giving you an advantage.

Upgrading Water Phase also decreases the Spirit consumption rate for deflecting and absorbing hits, allowing for better management of your Spirit. Furthermore, investing in Water also increases your Water Affinity and Fire Resistance while decreasing your Earth Resistance. Finally, it’s worth noting that Water can also increase your HP.

Best Stats To Level Up For Beginners

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, increasing each of the five virtues is guaranteed to grant the player more health, with the Wood Phase providing the most significant health boost, as well as additional increases to two stats, along with other buffs and small nerfs.

Apart from that, the Fire Phase plays a vital role in enhancing your weapon’s overall power and earning more Spirit for attacking, making it the primary area for players to invest their upgrade points in.

However, the other phases also offer valuable benefits that players should consider.

As a beginner in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, your first priority should be mastering melee combat, which can be achieved by choosing a speedy weapon to quickly get in and out of combat. When it comes to upgrading your character, you should consider both your stats, such as health, and how it will benefit your current weapon type.

For example, a sword can benefit from the Wood or Fire Virtue, which can increase HP and Spirit gained from attacking. The Wood Virtue is particularly useful for beginners as it provides a damage bonus for straight sabres, curved sabres, and staves, as well as access to Wizardry spells that can buff your character.

Additionally, consider investing in the Fire Virtue for increased Spirit gain and less Spirit usage with Martial Arts, or the Earth Virtue for increased max load and Spirit gain from deflecting.

It’s also important to experiment with Martial Arts on your weapons to understand when to use them during a fight.For defensive equipment, prioritize higher defense values at this early stage, as other bonuses won’t have a significant impact.

If possible, aim to obtain 3 or 4-star items, as they can be particularly helpful in the beginning.

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