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Street Fighter 6 Roster: All Characters So Far

The gathered up and confirmed faces for Street Fighter 6 that have been revealed so far, which include series stalwart Ryu, drunken boxing master Jamie, and the ever-popular Chun-Li.

Leaked Characters:

(not confirmed…)

  1. Zangief
  2. Dhalsim
  3. Honda
  4. Blanka
  5. Cammy
  6. Dee Jay
  7. Rashid
  8. Juri
  9. Ed
  10. Akuma
  11. Marisa
  12. Mimi
  13. Lilly
  14. JP
  15. A.K.I.

And that lists down the entire Street Fighter 6 cast of characters so far. At current count, there are seven confirmed and fifteen leaked characters, bringing the total to 22 characters in total for Street Fighter 6. This number should be reasonable enough, provided that Capcom rebuilt Street Fighter 6 as the game transitioned to the RE Engine for the first time. The game’s story will take place after the events of Street Fighter III and will be set in Metro City, so we might still get some new characters given this setting and time period. We’ll just probably have to wait for further confirmation and reveals from Capcom.

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2023. It will feature veteran street fighters Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as relative newcomers Luke and Jamie — and if a devastating leak is accurate, another 18 fighters from Street Fighter games past and present including some brand-new fighters as well. SF6 will also feature a silly, but admittedly rad new feature called Game Face, a feature that will spice up versus screens.

Street Fighter 6; Chun Li’s Game Face new feature

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More to come

There’s no doubt that more characters are on the way, and ill do my best to keep this list updated as time goes on. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Street Fighter 6 has everything it’ll take to be one of the best games for fighting veterans and newcomers alike.

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