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Sony will Integrate Discord Voice Chat into “In the Next coming Months”

When Sony first announced a partnership with Discord, immediately players could see an almost inevitable integration of the app into consoles.

Now, according to insider Tom Henderson, that’s exactly what’ll be happening with voice chat said to be integrated into the PS5 system software “in the coming months.”

Henderson cites his own sources, who claim that the update will come in version 7.00, with a 6.00 system software update to come next month.

He went even further on Twitter to say that he’ll have a more specific time-frame to report soon, along with information on the recent PS5 price increase.


Sony to Integrate Discord Voice Chat in “The Coming Months”
Tom Henderson

Players are already able to link their PSN and Discord accounts, what was likely the first step towards a more full integration.

It could even be possible that a native PS5 app is revealed in the future, allowing you to respond to messages, and enter voice-chats from your console, and carry that over to your games.

For now, it stays in rumour territory, though with a showcase reportedly coming soon from Sony, that might not be the case for long.

Source – [XputerE]

This was announced a while back at the beginning of February and can be read about here  

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