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Some of the Best Ideas – Inspiration for your next Minecraft build 2023!

Some of the Best Ideas – Inspiration for your next Minecraft build 2023!

Need Minecraft seed inspiration in 2023? Check out my handpicked Minecraft seeds, each perfect for different experiences; villages, ancient cities, Speed running, Trails & Tales and general adventures.

Out of ideas for your next Minecraft venture? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know how hard it can be to come up with something new in the same sandbox after so many years, but with our ideas you won’t have to worry about a creative block ever again! With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can come up with some amazing Minecraft ideas. So let’s get started and find out the best ideas for your next Minecraft build!

Get inspired with this list of out-of-the-box Minecraft builds, farms and creations! Unlike the classic builds we’ve all done in the past, this one promises to offer new and exciting projects you won’t find anywhere else!, from the practical to the decorative, all sorts of Minecraft builds are possible, and this list of top-notch ideas is proof of that. So tap into your creativity, get building and maybe you will be inspired in the process! whether it’s a Redstone contraption or a new base you’re after.

Here are some of the best Minecraft ideas to try out in your world:

The Fossil Path of the Great Serpent

It’s no secret that you’ve been living in a regular house, but what would it be like to call the inside of a giant skeleton of a serpent your home? Minecraft mobs probably can’t compare to something this big, but imagine how cool it would be if you could take shelter within the bones of a massive creature in an epic survival game! If your building skills are up to it, you could also take a similar approach with mythical creatures like dragons.

Sword Nether Portal

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Why have a basic old Nether portal when you can really put your mark on it? Make it everyone’s envy by giving it a unique and stylish look – like a huge sword jabbed into the ground like a dark excaliber! Got 60 Obsidian? Then you can craft a sword that looks like it’s been stabbed into the ground! This amazing design is a real show-stopper and will be sure to impress your guests. Sure, it cost 60 Obsidian, but it’s worth every block!

Easy, automated cow farm

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Who needs to hunt for food when you have the technology to auto-cook your steaks? But why stop there? If you really want to go all out, why not set up a cow farm with a lava cooker so you can enjoy hot & tasty food without lifting a finger! Alright, this may not be the most aesthetically pleasing farm you’ve ever seen, but it sure is efficient. Basically, the adult cows up top mate and produce new calves that fall to the bottom of the structure to cook. Someone obviously put a lot of thought into this unique invention! Instead of having to wait around for cows to roast in the sun, now you can simply toss them into lava and BOOM – dinner is ready in no time! The delicious cooked meat is then conveniently stored in a chest for easy access whenever you’re feeling peckish.

Automated Villager wheat farm

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Want some restful nights and don’t want to hurt any animals? Then wheat farming is the way to go! It might take a bit more effort to set up, but once it’s done, you can sleep like a baby knowing that no fluffy bunnies were harmed in the process. Thanks to the hardworking Minecraft villager, the wheat farm runs like a well-oiled machine so you never have to worry about running out of your favorite grain!

Minecart railway and station

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Tired of walking around in your Minecraft world? Trade in your hiking boots for an underground minecart rail station. Stop at each settlement on your travels, like a spontaneous mini-vacation! Mining for resources has never been easier with the trusty minecart ready to take you home anytime! No more worrying about walking all the way back after a long and tiring day – just hop in the minecart, relax, and you’ll be back home in no time!

Minecraft WorldEdit Pyramid

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Fancy building something substantial in Minecraft but don’t want to do it all by hand? Check out the magic of Minecraft WorldEdit – watch a pyramid come together in this awesome time-lapse video and be amazed at just how simple it can be! This pyramid build took FallenQbuilds just under 18 hours to complete, Although we think it’ll take a beginner an eternity to construct something like this!

Minecraft Aquarium

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Forget champagne & caviar – having your own custom aquarium is the new way to show off your classy side. You can easily have an aquarium in your home, or be extra fancy and construct a totally separate room with a huge tank filled with colorful fish. Give your home a unique touch with a custom fish tank! Why go for run-of-the-mill flowers like all the other boring people, when you can have exotic fish adding life and colour to your place?!

Underwater Base

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As land-based builds are becoming old news, why not dive into something different and build yourself an underwater home? It could be the perfect getaway spot for players who need to destress after a long day. Who knows, you might even find some buried treasure while you’re at it! Underwater homes are becoming increasingly popular in survival mode – and not just because they look cooler. With this build you don’t need to stress over any creepers lurking around in the dark. Plus, if you want to make it even cooler – add Minecraft shaders and make that water crystal clear!

Secret pirate cove

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Ahoy matey! Have you ever stumbled upon a secret air cove while on your underwater adventures? You can now create your very own pirate hideaway, secure and hidden from prying eyes below the depths of the ocean. Just be careful as you chip away at the walls… you don’t want to make any sudden leakages!

Flower Shop

Why let those flowers go to waste when you can use them to open up your very own flower shop! We suggest building it from glass so everyone walking past can get a glimpse of the pretty store. And what better way to keep stock than having your own flower farm nearby? Let’s illuminate the single-player world with this magical flower shop! But just imagine how much more awesome it’d be to have one on a Minecraft server for multiplayer shenanigans. So why not join a server and enjoy the multi-faceted benefit of having an in-game flower shop?

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