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PS4 Gamers Can Get a New Free Theme Using This Code

PlayStation is giving PS4 users a free theme that can be redeemed using a code as a final late part of the celebration for Women’s History Month 2022. Here’s how:

PlayStation 4 themes allow players to buy or get free backgrounds for their console’s home screen. These themes range from officially licensed art from PlayStation’s exclusive titles to celebrations of a world event. The themes feature was removed from PlayStation 5 however, much to the dismay of many PlayStation fans.

PlayStation 5 is missing out on this UI feature as themes are more than just static wallpapers. Themes can change menu colors and switch positions or images to adapt to different sub-menus on the home screen. Also, the themes have a fun community element to them as they are often rewards for community tasks or gifted to players as part of celebrations.

Sony hasn’t abandoned this feature just yet, however, as PlayStation 4 users are now able to claim another free theme, this time part of PlayStation’s celebrations for Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month ran for the entirety of March, but PlayStation has only released the free theme now as it wishes to “continue celebrating women in gaming.” The free theme can be redeemed using codes specific to different regions as follows:

  • America – 5DGE-AKNX-CGCD
  • Europe – 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9
  • Japan – LDKE-4JNE-GJ57
  • Other regions – KJPP-L5NK-GCBX

This year’s theme, is its own piece of original artwork without a connection to any games as normal. The theme features a clay-model-style female gamer reclining with a PS4 controller in hand. The background continues this plasticine-esque design with the iconic and controversial PlayStation controller face buttons done in the same style, and the circle button reworked into the ♀ symbol for women.

Though some PlayStation fans were most likely hoping for another crossover art piece of their favorite female characters, this unique design for the free theme is refreshing. PlayStation could simply release another crossover wallpaper of the female characters from its exclusive titles, as it had done for 2018 and 2019’s Women’s History Months. But changing up the art style completely shows not only that PlayStation isn’t growing complacent in its recognition of these celebrations, but also that PlayStation hasn’t yet abandoned PS4 themes, leaving open the possibility that the feature could eventually come to the PS5.

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