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PlayStation Plus: Classic Games With Trophies

While not every classic game in the new PlayStation Plus has a trophy list, there is no shortage of ones that do.

One of the most appealing aspects of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service is the inclusion of classic titles. The new PlayStation Plus includes games from the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable on top of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, what surprised many PlayStationers was that some of the older games were released with a trophy list. The move is similar to PS4’s re-release of several PS2 titles.

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Sadly, not all classic games on the new PlayStation Plus have trophies, notably Tekken 2 and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. This is still an encouraging development as the response might lead to future inclusions hopefully – possibly even a Metal Gear Solid release – having trophy lists of their own. For trophy hunters itching to revisit classic games and pop Trophies for their favourite classic games, there are still plenty of trophies to pursue in classic games and more to unfold.


Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

The Star Wars series is well-represented in the new PlayStation Plus. Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Racer Revengeare just a taste of the classic Star Warsgames available. As a bonus, they all have a trophy list!

Although the pre-PS3 Star Wars games lack a Platinum trophy, there’s still fun to be had. The prequel-era Bounty Hunter, in particular, is worth a play for fans of The Mandalorian, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, or any Star Wars bounty hunter. Bounty Hunter’strophy list consists of story-related trophies, collectibles, and killing 1,500 enemies.


Ape Escape

One of the original mascots of the PlayStation brand came from the helmet-wearing monkeys from the Ape Escapeseries. The Ape Escape series consists of four mainline entries and many party spinoffs. However, the original two are the only two Ape Escape games on the new PlayStation Plus.

The odd thing about the Ape Escape trophy lists is that while Ape Escape 2 requires two playthroughs, players can earn the Platinum trophy in the original Ape Escape without completing the story. Making this all the stranger is that Ape Escape 2 doesn’t even have a Platinum trophy. Still a lot better than having no trophies!

Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits

The Arc the Lad series was one of the first tactical RPG series on PlayStation. While other tactical RPGs like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics elected to stick with 2D spites, the Arc the Lad series made the jump to 3D in 2003’s Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Unlike other tactical RPGs, including previous Arc the Lad games, Twilight of the Spirits utilizes a circular movement zone as opposed to a square grid.

The Twilight of the Spirits trophy list is relatively easy, with many story-related and skill-learning trophies. However, so long as players are mindful of its missable trophies, the Platinum trophy should be obtained without a second playthrough.


The Original Red Faction Games

The Red Faction series was one of the earliest first-person shooter gems of the 21st century. Lauded for its themes and enemy A.I., the Red Faction series was consistently met with positive reviews before entering dormancy after its fourth entry, Red Faction: Armageddon.

The PS2 classic versions of Red Faction and Red Faction II were originally released for PS4 in 2016 and 2017, respectively, and their trophy lists are not for the faint of heart. Each of these classic Red Faction games requires multiple playthroughs, high difficulty completions, and boast numerous missable trophies. Trophy hunters looking for a challenging trophy list should definitely give the Red Faction series a look.


War Of The Monsters

The new PlayStation contains games from classic fighting game series such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and The King of Fighters. However, there’s one thing none of those series have: kaiju. That’s where 2003’s War of the Monsters comes in. In War of the Monsters, players can participate in city-destroying combat with kaiju inspired by classic film monsters.

The trophy list for War of the Monsters is quick and easy, requiring players to complete the story, defeat bosses, and unlock monsters and minigames. In addition, there are cheat codes, and a save exploit for trophy hunters looking to cut corners. One caveat is that War of the Monsters does not have a Platinum trophy.


Rogue Galaxy

With how well-received the first two Dark Cloud games were, it’s a shame Level-5 never released a third entry. Or did they? Rogue Galaxy is heavily rumored to have been Dark Cloud 3 during development. Numerous references to Dark Cloud 3 in the Rogue Galaxy’s files point to this being true.
Rogue Galaxy is different from the previous Dark Clouds in that there’s less emphasis on city-building. Its trophy list is lengthy and grind-based. However, none of the trophies are missable, like in Dark Cloud 2, which comes as welcome news for trophy hunters who’d prefer not to follow a guide while they play the story.

The Dark Cloud Series

For those looking for an RPG of the action variety, look no further than Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. Both Dark Cloud games center heavily on city-building mechanics, with Dark Cloud 2allowing players to jump into the future to see the fruits of their labor.

While the trophy list for Dark Cloud is straightforward and requires little planning, Dark Cloud 2 has a rewarding trophy list that involves grinding materials, inventing every object, and speedrunning dungeon floors. The new PlayStation Plus is perfect for trying out these overlooked RPG classics.


Wild Arms And Wild Arms 3

It would’ve been a great disappointment if Sony didn’t delve into their deep well of fantastic RPGs when amassing their launch catalog for the new PlayStation Plus. While there is no shortage of Final Fantasy titles available, the “weird west” Wild Arms series is worthy of a look.

So far, only two Wild Arms titles are available: the original, which is a fresh addition for the new PlayStation Plus, and Wild Arms 3, which was released as a PS2 classic in 2016. Don’t worry, each Wild Armstells a self-contained story. While the Platinum trophy for the original Wild Armsdoesn’t take long to earn, especially when over-leveling, Wild Arms 3’s Platinum trophy is a bigger time-sink with tough bosses, 100 floors of The Abyss dungeon, and a lot of grinding.


Hot Shots Golf

Known as Everybody’s Golf outside of North America, the title was later adopted by North America for its seventh entry, Hot Shots Golf, which came out in 1997 for the original PlayStation. Made by Camelot Software of Mario Golf fame, Hot Shots Golf features many similarities to the Mario-centric game in how it plays. So PS players looking for a Mario Golf equivalent should look no further.
The trophy list for Hot Shots Golf is straightforward, requiring players to unlock every character and even achieve an Albatross. Thankfully, the new PlayStation Plus’ rewind feature should make getting that Albatross trivial.

Syphon Filter

Any worries about whether or not original PlayStation games would receive trophies were put to rest when Sony Bend Studios revealed that the original Syphon Filterwould receive its own trophy list. This marks the first game in the espionage series to receive trophies as the most recent game in the Syphon Filter series, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, predated PlayStation’s trophy system.

Syphon Filter features a simple trophy list mostly comprised of story-related trophies and killing enemies with each available weapon. In addition, there is a stealth-based trophy, and another for dropping a chandelier on an enemy, adding some variety to the trophy list.

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