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Official PlayStation 5 “Pro” Controllers Coming Soon

Sony is working on a “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5 and the company will reveal new hardware in the coming weeks, sources have claimed.

It’s believed the codename of the controller is “Hunt”, which will have several interesting features including removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons (flappy paddles).

Tom Henderson

A PlayStation 5 pro controller might be in the works. What could be the PlayStation 5 DualSense Pro controller is apparently on the verge of being officially revealed, according to an industry insider with more than one source close to the matter. Sony never really attempted its own pro-grade, first-party gamepad for its previous-generation console the way Microsoft did with its Elite Series 2, but if these rumors ring true, we might very well be seeing a new PlayStation 5 pro controller before the month is out. Head below for more details on the alleged DualSense Pro.

Described as a “genuine professional controller,” the rumored upcoming pro controller from Sony will look and function a lot like what sounds like an updated DualSense with much of the same tricks the Xbox Elite Series gamepad carries – removable thumbsticks and grips, some kind of trigger stops, additional controls on the backside of the gamepad, and upgraded software.

These claims of such hardware came alongside pictures of the alleged prototype, which has been sent under the condition that the pictures are not published and the source remains anonymous.

Pictures of the controller keep the classic PlayStation 5 style but show a few key differences. One of the biggest changes is buttons under the analog sticks, which allow you to completely remove the analog sticks and their components; which Sony refers to as “removable stick units”. This presumably means you’ll just be able to be a stick unit, rather than a new controller if it develops “stick drift” (where your analog stick drifts one direction without moving).

Another feature includes the trigger stops at the back of the controller, in addition to flappy paddles/buttons that have become increasingly popular over the years with players turning to companies such as SCUF Gaming and NACON for such controllers.

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