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New Street Fighter 6 trailer shows off Guile in action

Capcom’s next-generation fighting game may have leaked a lot, but there’s still plenty new to see

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Just one week after officially unveiling the game, Capcom is already giving fans a new, extended look at Street Fighter 6, the company’s next-generation fighting game. On Thursday, at Summer Game Fest, Capcom showed off Guile in battle against his American rival Luke and veteran fighter Ryu.

Guile in Street Fighter 6 looks familiar to how he’s played since his debut in Street Fighter 2 — his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick return — and his high-stacked hair looks wider than ever. Capcom says in addition to Guile’s signature moves, he’ll get “fresh additions” to his move set, and will be a “powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance.”

On the PlayStation Blog, Capcom details Guile’s Super Arts in Street Fighter 6:

Sonic Hurricane (1 Stock) – Introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guile fires a massive aerial slash directly ahead. If used with a Heavy Punch, the aerial slash fires diagonally upwards as a good anti-air option. An extremely versatile move that can be used in combos, to counter projectiles, or as a way to turn the tables when being pressured.

Solid Puncher (2 Stocks) – Introduced in Street Fighter V as Guile’s V-Trigger I, Solid Puncher is now a Super Art. Guile envelops both arms in aerial slashes and enables the use of Sonic Break, where a flurry of small Sonic Boom projectiles can be unleashed simply by pressing the punch buttons.

Crossfire Somersault (3 Stocks) – A brand new Super Art, Guile puffs his chest and fires a massive aerial slash that launches the opponent into the air before following up with a brutal Somersault Kick.

PlayStation Blog

The new SF6 Game Face

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Street Fighter 6
is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2023. It will feature veteran street fighters Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as relative newcomers Luke and Jamie — and if a devastating leak is accurate, another 18 fighters from Street Fighter games past and present including some brand-new fighters as well. SF6 will also feature a silly, but admittedly rad new feature called Game Face, a feature that will spice up versus screens.

Street Fighter 6; Chun Li’s Game Face new feature

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