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Monster Harvest: Fishing & Where to Catch Every Fish

Monster Harvest: Fishing & Where to Catch Every Fish

So it’s actually not that difficult, since there are only 15 fish in total and none of them are seasonal. If you need any help finding the ones you’re missing, below is every fishing location in Monster Harvest. A full guide, playthrough, gameplay hints & tips that the game doesnt mention, take a look here.

If you catch every single fish and sell at least one to your consignment board, you will unlock a upgrade to your Fishing Rods, which reduces the stamina used of your fishing rod.

How to actually fish

When you cast your line into the water, you will see a little dot travel from left to right along a bar. Inside this bar, you will see one part that has a solid color. You must wait until the dot is inside this area to press the action button and this will hook your catch. You can end up catching rocks sometimes.

I would recommend having a stack of veggies with you to eat so that you can get as much fishing done in one day/evening and keep that stamina up.

Once you have hooked something with the fishing rod, mash the action button. You will see the meter start to fill up. If you do this too slowly, the meter will completely empty and you will lose the catch. If you mash it fast enough, it will fill and when it does, the item you have hooked into the line will be pulled out of the water.

You have 15 fish to catch in total: here’s the list and locations to bag yourselves them all:

  • Salmon – North Area (day or night)
  • Clownfish – Glowing Glade, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Squid – Calming Cove, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Tuna – Calming Cove (day or night)
  • Angelfish – Town (day or night)
  • Bluegill – Calming Cove (day or night)
  • Flounder – Farm, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Turbot – North Area, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Sunfish – Glowing Glade (day or night)
  • Spinefoot – Town (day or night)
  • Trout – Farm (day or night), Festival Area (day only)
  • Pike – Farm (day or night), Festival Area (day only)
  • Catfish – North Area (day or night), Dungeons (day only), Festival Area (day only)
  • Walleye – Town, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Bass – Glowing Glade (day or night)
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