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Minecraft houses – 40 cool house ideas for your next build

Are you stuck for ideas on what to build next in Minecraft? Here are 40 creative house designs to inspire your next project.

Looking for a cool place to live in Minecraft? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with 40 brilliant ideas for your next house build – amaze your mates and relatives, from wooden cabins & Japanese homes to luxury treetop hideaways.

Feeling stuck on what to do with your next Minecraft build? Check out these awesome house ideas in 2023! From deep underground bases to towering sky castles, you’ll find the perfect design to give your game the edge. Plus, these evocative designs can be used as inspiration for creating your own dream home in Minecraft!. You should put aside some time, some resources, and some love, as building a house in Minecraft is no easy task.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a thrill-seeker, architect or a redstone wizard—everyone needs a cozy home to come back to after an exhausting day!. Building a Minecraft home is time consuming, no doubt. But after all the hard work you’ve put in, nothing can compare to the feeling of satisfaction when you check out the view from your cozy cottage, secret hideaway or high-rising treehouse!

Here are some cool Minecraft house ideas:

Cherry wood house

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The moment the new pink wood variant was revealed, it was clear that Minecraft’s best builders would construct some extraordinary homes with cherry logs. Cute Minecraft builds and cottagecore designs are amongst the most sought-after types of houses in Minecraft. Get ready to make your sweetest dreams come true with a beautiful pink family for your pastel-hued house!

The Minecraft Cherry Grove biome is just around the corner and will be part of the exciting Minecraft 1.20 update later this year! Pink houses are popping up all over the place thanks to the testing that these homes have gone through! Marloe’s build is certainly one of the most incredible and there is an awesome selection of choices to pick from.

Cottagecore Minecraft house

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Give Minecraft a graphical boost with the best shaders and you’ll be amazed at just how stunning it can look – especially when you’ve got mushrooms or meadows all around. That’s why Cottage & Fairycore themes are such hits – they give you an adorable & cozy environment to set up home in! We had a tough time picking the perfect cottagecore build, but Foxel’s tutorial won us over with its unique mine entrance feature! Whether you’re looking for a place surrounded by beautiful blooms or one with mushroom roofing, this one is worth considering to make your home super adorable!

Minecraft cottage

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This Minecraft cottage is a mini version of the cottagecore house, perfect for those looking for a quick weekend getaway. All your essentials are fit in just the right amount of space, plus it doesn’t require a whole lot of building materials and easier to build – bonus!. Don’t forget to add a little splash of color with a flower garden to complete your project!

Small Minecraft medieval house

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Building a Medieval house in Minecraft is like entering a world of limitless possibilities – walls made of stone, gothic cobblestone accents, eerie fireplaces to keep you cozy and warm, and let’s not forget the hidden lairs equipped with Cobbled Darkstone – it looks absolutely breathtaking!. If you’re in search of a rustic wooden house nestled within a grove of trees or tucked away in a rural paradise – we’ve got it all! But, without question, our top choice is this glorious stone build with barn-like features – what’s not to love?! With its charming, uncomplicated structure, you don’t have to worry about the design aspect and can concentrate on enjoying your exploration!

If building complex constructions is your kind of thing, don’t miss out on our incredible compilation of the best Minecraft builds for transforming your humble abode into a luxurious palace!.

Large Minecraft medieval house

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If you’re looking for something more impressive than a Minecraft medieval house, why not try this grand medieval mansion? Sure, it’ll take lots of time and resources (skip to 0:14 for details) but let the other players in your area be jealous of your impressive home!

Minecraft underground house

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If you want to give your Minecraft house an upgrade and make it stand out from the rest, you should look into creating a underground house. The process is pretty straightforward – all you have to do is dig down deep and build yourself some stairs leading to the entrance of your underground paradise! Before you know it, your property is looking great with walls, stairs, and all the other bits and bobs! To top it off, you can install a glass roof letting in an abundance of sunlight – ideal for those who want to keep some greenery indoors.

Having enough lighting in your Minecraft world at night can be a challenge, but torches or glowstone blocks will help you get the job done. Plus, you don’t need to worry about mould forming on walls – you know, like in real life – because this is Minecraft after all! Make sure to surround your house with fencing like Fort Knox – otherwise, you might find yourself in an unexpected and rather embarrassing situation when a zombie or creeper shows up on your doorstep at 3 AM.

Minecraft treehouse

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For the vertigo-challenged, Minecraft treehouses are the ideal way to avoid nighttime visits from pesky creepers and also save time on repairing your Minecraft shield. If you’re feeling brave, a treehouse can give you an awesome view of your neighbourhood. Or if you’re feeling even braver, why not use it as a base to take out those pesky monsters?

If you have a vision of living in a treehouse, then why not build it with Minecraft? You can either build your treehouse atop an existing tree or create one from scratch – the choice is yours! Want the best looking Minecraft treehouse? Make sure you get your construction right – trust me, even a tree-shaped house needs more than just a few branches! If you’re looking for a place to hide away and enjoy some peace and quiet, this house with its rose bushes, snazzy trapdoor, and–most importantly–ladder is the perfect spot. Make sure to bring that ladder or you’ll be stuck outside!

Minecraft wooden House

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So, if you feel like giving Minecraft a go, you can build yourself anything from grandiose palaces to a quaint little cabin. As long as you’ve got the materials to craft your dream home, let your creative juices flow!.Building a wooden house in Minecraft is extremely convenient and affordable. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time gathering the materials; the construction process is quite simple too. Plus, you can always expand your house in the future if you want to! All these factors make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quick build home.

Minecraft suburban house 1

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If you’re looking for something straightforward, functional and perhaps something you can identify with, this suburban Minecraft home could be just the thing for you. It has all the features of a conventional suburban house: two floors, a garage and a porch. This build is constructed with concrete, stone, and quartz for a pleasantly attractive appearance. Furthermore, if you’d like to have larger rooms you can do that too – just keep in mind that everything else has to be proportionally changed as well to give a cozy feel.

Minecraft suburban house 2

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This stunning suburban home is slightly bigger than one above, making it a great choice for your neighbourhood. Its pastel-grey paint job, garage door, pavement & hedges look absolutely amazing! No surprise here, once you open the door you will be welcomed by a modern and sophisticated interior design.

Large Minecraft modern house

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Prefer modern style over rustic? There are so many modern Minecraft house designs to choose from! The materials required may be a bit hard to source, but it’ll definitely be worth it — with glass windows, balconies and more. Imagine the amazing view you can take in when you’re done! Building a modern house can be a lengthy process, so it’s wise to plan ahead and have all the details sorted out. The contemporary design showcased in the video is breathtakingly beautiful with its glass walls and magnificent landscaped garden with grass hedges, plus a winding lake – simply lovely!

Small Minecraft modern house

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If you’re not quite ready to take on the challenge of building a large modern mansion, we’ve got something easier for you – a smaller modern house! From its white walls and glass windows to its square rooms, this Minecraft creation will have anyone thinking contemporary chic. One of the great things about it is the tutorial – it’s really easy to understand and follow!

Minecraft Japanese house

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Take your Minecraft gaming experience to the next level with this beautiful, tranquil Japanese house build by Zaypixel. With intricate details and vibrant colours, it is effortless to recreate in your own world! Crafting this structure is a breeze and all you need are cobblestone, dark oak, spruce, Prismarine and sandstone. Spice it up with blossom trees and pink wool for a creative touch. Its such a great way the prismarine roof gives it an interesting contrast against all the dark oak.

Crafting a Japanese-style house in Minecraft can be really fun & easy. You just need to have all the necessary materials ready & you’ll be done in no time. Furthermore, you can customize the interior and add as much details as you want – making it a unique home that reflects your own style! Once you’ve built the traditional Japanese house, why not take it a step further and create a beautiful garden. You can add some stunning bridges over a pond that’ll be stocked with fish from your bucket or aquarium.

Minecraft villa

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Make your own Minecraft villa for a relaxing poolside getaway with this easy-to-follow video tutorial from BlueBits. With just a few clicks, you could be sipping on that cool drink and enjoying the view of your very own slice of paradise! This design is quite intricate with three floors and a tower, but you can still tailor it to your needs by taking the main structures and patterns as a starting point. Have fun customizing it!

To get started, you’ll need some terracotta, sandstone, bricks and concrete. Then start building your dream kitchen with some luxurious designs. Once you’re done, give it a rustic feeling by adding in a Minecraft farm design to complete the look!

Easy Minecraft survival house

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Crafting a successful Minecraft abode requires an optimal balance between being stylish, secure, practical & easy to build. The perfect survival house is a great way to express your creativity while ensuring your safety at the same time!. This amazing wooden shelter not only provides you with enough space for basic needs & storage, but it also features an efficient irrigation system that allows you to do a bit of farming! The beauty of this Minecraft house is that you can easily and quickly build all the incredible features it has! Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to roam around and explore.

Minecraft cute house

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Look no further, we have found the cutest Minecraft house ever! Presenting to you the rabbit-shaped cottage that needs no introduction – it’s so cute!. Not only is this house adorable, but it also has super cute carrot decorations! Plus it’s a tiny house – meaning you won’t have to worry about gathering too many resources. The best part – most of the materials consist of easy-to-get wood & wool.

Small Minecraft starter house

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If you’re new to Minecraft and don’t know where to start, this wooden house design is the perfect beginner’s choice. It requires only basic resources, isn’t overly complicated to build and looks beautiful too!. Pay close attention to the interior design – it can help you get the most out of the space you have!

Large Minecraft starter house

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Looking for something new and exciting? Try out this great beginner-friendly cabin and show off your building skills. Create a large starter house and discover the building possibilities! Whether you’re into enchanting libraries, gorgeous bedrooms with breathtaking views, or secret treasures – all of it is made from wood, so you can get started on your dream home instantly. Plus, the grand farm and surprise treasure chamber – now that’s an unbeatable package!

Minecraft mushroom house

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“Mushroom House” may sound like something out of a fairytale, but it’s totally real in Minecraft! Building it can be a bit tricky, however luckily for us, BlueNerd from YouTube made an awesome tutorial to make the process a lot easier. If the terracotta blocks make your walls look too rosy, the video suggests switching them out for white concrete blocks. That’ll give your walls a different shade of white!

Minecraft easy house 1

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Everyone needs an easy abode in Minecraft and this one is simple yet effective. It doesn’t require rare materials or complex designs, just wood & some elbow grease! And you can easily finish it within 24 hours in a new world – sounds great, right?. Despite its seemingly basic look, this house can easily become a stylish pad if you want to add a touch of pizzaz. Plus, the creator provides plenty of decoration ideas so you won’t have to break your head over how to add some sparkle!

Minecraft easy house 2

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The simple style Minecraft house isn’t complicated at all! All you need to do is just dig up some dirt and stones out of the ground – ta-da, a cozy little cave for you in no time. Designing a home has never been easier – just grab your pickaxe and add the finishing touches to it. Oh, and if you’re feeling creative, why not add some glass walls for that extra bit of flair?

Minecraft hobbit hole house

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Looking to live like a hobbit lord? Check out the amazing Minecraft version of Bilbo Baggins’ iconic Bag End home. With its round green door and windows, it’s like the one straight from LOTR films – just on a much smaller scale! Step inside the wooden wonderland – complete with round entrances and a vibrant flower garden outside. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose to explore the optional secret greenhouse at the end!

Minecraft small house 1

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We’re not kidding – you don’t need more than two square meters to build a luxurious Minecraft abode! This tiny house is only three by four meters, but it contains all the essentials – beds, workbenches, furnaces and storage space. Who knew living small could be so amazing? Talk about an ultimate tiny house – gotta love the rooftop farm too! The creator of this mini Minecraft home certainly thought of everything.

Minecraft small house 2

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If you think two square metres is big, wait until you see this Minecraft abode! With just three by three metres of space (walls included) BigTonyMC created a tiny little house of wonders. So why settle for large when small is the new chic? This design is just as efficient and charming as the previous one, except it looks completely different. So, if you like your abode to be a home of stone walls, this tiny piece of artistry may be perfect for you!

Minecraft log cabin house

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Crafting log cabins in Minecraft is the perfect way to get snug and cosy. Plus, it’s extra special when you place them in a snow-covered winter world – that’s the absolute dream! Don’t forget the all-important planks too… otherwise your cabin won’t be complete!If you’re looking for the perfect winter cabin, you can’t go wrong with this log cabin design made out of oak logs, spruce logs, and stripped spruce logs. Throw in some festive decorations like cookies, cakes and snowberries and it’s almost like Christmas has come early!

Minecraft farm house

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This Minecraft farmhouse will give your virtual world a major upgrade and make it look amazing. It’s got all the bells & whistles; farmland, storage buildings, and even a barn for your precious animals. Get ready to be blown away by the massive porch and beautiful decorations of this farmhouse! It may take a while to replicate it due to its size, but you don’t have to worry about resources like wood or brick (clay), they’re easy enough to find.

Minecraft desert house

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Ditch your dull desert landscape and turn it into something special with this sandstone-clad Minecraft desert house. Smooth sandstone is the key material but don’t worry, you can easily make it by smelting regular sandstone – no swet required! This small desert abode may appear unassuming but it looks like a luxurious mini-palace taken right out of the ‘Aladdin’ stories!

Minecraft Viking house

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If you ever want a house with a cool style, just build it like the Vikings do! Their signature look includes wood walls, triangle roofs and wooden planks at the top. Now get out there and be a shield-maiden. With time always as a precious commodity in between raids, here’s your chance to build an incredible Viking house in Minecraft that looks genuinely awesome yet 100% accurate (or close enough). TheWalkingWhale has created a simple and straightforward tutorial that will explain how to create those unmistakable Viking features. Let’s get building! Skol!

Minecraft cave house

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What’s the best part of building a house in Minecraft? It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as there’s firm ground beneath your feet. Now, turning a cave into something pleasant to the eye may take some creativity due to those wobbly walls and floors! Need some ideas for decorating your underground lair? Look no further than this awesome tutorial by TheMythicalSausage! From slabs to upside-down stairs, you’ve got everything you need to turn your cave house into an interior designer’s paradise. In no time you’ll have an incredible subterranean hideaway!

Minecraft brick house

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Tanol Games has crafted this little house with the perfect colour combination of red & grey bricks. It’s packed with classic features like a tiny porch, skylights and a chimney that looks like it could smoke out tasty treats! Building this house doesn’t require an entire mountain of bricks, which is a huge time saver for ‘survival mode’ gamers! It’s the most important part of the game, after all.

Minecraft lake house

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With Minecraft, you can get creative and build a house chillaxin’ by the lake, one on a floating island or even construct a sweet crib that’s connected to land but still surrounded by water. The possibilities are endless! This unique lake house design is perfect for when you want to get building quickly – all it takes is wood & glass! The pier entry and the wooden platform are easy to assemble, and the structure of the entire house is totally doable. Plus, check out the awesome layout at 01:36 – don’t miss it!

Minecraft cliff house

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Fancy having a gravity-defying cliff house in Minecraft? We’ve got you covered! This impressive structure made from wood and stone offers an overhanging design with extra support beams for that decorative touch. Get ready to be the envy of your neighbors! This is a great way to learn how to build a cliff house in survival mode without splatting like an overripe tomato! The creator is walking and climbing, not flying, adding that extra challenge for an even more exciting experience. Plus, it’s super handy.

Minecraft underwater house

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Instead of settling for a half-submerged house, let’s take the plunge and build an incredible underwater base. Random Steve Guy’s glass igloo design provides an amazing view of Minecraft’s beautiful aquatic life, and it won’t even cost you any rare building materials! For those who feel unsafe playing in survival mode, this underwater house is the perfect haven! The only issue might be finding some sponges to get rid of all the water – but once you manage that, you’ll be good to go.

Minecraft fairy house

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If fairies decided to move into your Minecraft world, they would wish for a beautiful and girly pink cottage with flowers adorning the roof. A perfect residence for them! This enchanting fairy house from sillyblocks has all the intricate details but is still a piece of cake for beginners with its simple materials. Let’s spread some more sunshine with some floral beauty!

Minecraft Victorian house

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WBC Builds have truly knocked it out of the park with this Victorian house design! It’s based on a real-life 19th century gatehouse and captures the tall & pointed Gothic look perfectly. Crafting a castle with archways, windows and brick walls is actually not too difficult. For those playing survival mode, it’s much easier to use wood as it’s quicker to collect. An enjoyable adventure awaits!

Minecraft witch house

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This extraordinary Minecraft witch house in the shape of a hat is sure to give you an extra spooky vibe! It would involve some serious material gathering if you wish to build it in survival mode, as there are plenty of decorations like candles, pumpkins, mushrooms and amethyst around it. If you do, no zombie would dare disturb your sanctuary – it would be a total waste of energy!

Minecraft fantasy house

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An exquisite fantasy house with a pointy tower, glowing orange roof, cozy balconies and vibrant red roses – it’s definitely a dream come true! Building your own Minecraft house may not be easy but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll need a variety of materials which will require you to travel to different biomes in Survival Mode. It’ll be an adventurous and rewarding experience! Although collecting quartz may take time, you can change to diorite which is a much simpler material to source.

Minecraft haunted house

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Building this haunted mansion might be a tedious process, but it is definitely worth the effort. It will give your Minecraft world the much-needed spooky feel and multiple mysterious rooms for a truly unique experience. If you’re creating a hauntingly beautiful haunted house in survival mode, you should consider using a different type of stone or dark oak wood instead of blackstone. And don’t forget the lanterns and cobwebs to give it that perfect finishing touch!

Minecraft nether house

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Reimiho’s Minecraft nether house tutorial is as simple as it is complex. Their top-down layouts and use of overworld examples make it a breeze to understand — no wonder it’s so popular! If you’re into Nether House Design, then you’d be excited to know that it is mostly made from materials found in Minecraft’s underworld such as blackstone and warped stems. You don’t have to look too far for the perfect interior design! Journeying through a Minecraft Nether Portal may feel a bit daunting, but don’t panic – the resources you need on the other side are in plain sight! Just make sure to be careful while hunting down these items, as nether mobs roam this realm and won’t hesitate to halt your progress!

Minecraft blueprints

If you’re feeling like a handyman and want to build your house from scratch, look no further than Minecraft blueprints! There are plenty of options online that’ll show you how to create the perfect Minecraft home. Ready to live large? Grabcraft has you covered with a wide range of blueprint options, from cozy cabins to medieval castles to quaint fishing huts. Everything you need for your dream home is at your fingertips!

Need some fun and adventure? Check out this awesome collection of the best Minecraft seeds, they’ll take you on a wild ride! With infinite worlds, our mission is to find the coolest ones out there and share them with you. So grab your pickaxes and join us as we explore new Minecraft worlds every day! Feeling a bit bored? Put on one of the best Minecraft skins and make your way around the world. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, populate your own village and explore to see what Minecraft has to offer!

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