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Meet Your Maker is a base-building FPS like both Doom and Minecraft with a mix of Tower Defence

Meet Your Maker is a base-building FPS like both Doom and Minecraft with a mix of Tower Defence

Are you looking for a post-apocalyptic shooter that combines base-building mechanics with co-op FPS raids to create a unique balance where players need to steal from one another to create their own labyrinthian bases to trick and trap other players?

Described as something of a somewhat “devious take on first-person building and raiding” by a developer during a press event prior to its’ public reveal, Meet Your Makers is a genre-blending experience that combines the creative elements of Orcs Must Die, Super Mario Maker, and Minecraft with the bombastic FPS gameplay of Doom Eternal and Serious Sam to create something unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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As a survivor in a strange dying world, the ultimate goal of Meet Your Maker is to collect Genetic Material – by any means necessary – to feed the unusual Chimaera you’re custodian of. This means that you, and a friend if you want to experience what this game has to offer in co-op, will need to head out and try to steal Genetic Material from other players. Does this mean it’s going to rise to become one of the best co-op games on PS5 when it launches?

The raiding is what you will first do for a bit when you start Meet Your Maker. The idea is pretty simple: other players have built outposts, containing genetic material, or GenMat, which you need to find and bring back to your base. The outposts can range from tiny houses to giant complexes, full of traps, enemy guards and tricky design.

Of course, if you can go out and steal this rare resource, so can everyone else playing Meet Your Maker – and that’s where things get interesting. The Dead By Daylight developers’ upcoming game is introducing a never-before-seen level of detail to the tower defence-like gameplay you would see from similar titles like Orcs Must Die and Super Mario Maker

it could be one of the best competitive FPS games out there when it launches -it’s  just competitive in a completely new way that hasnt been seen before. Stay posted for more info on Meet Your Maker

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