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GTA Trilogy might finally be worth the play: huge performance update

Several bugs have been fixed and CJ has a new old/new look

Rockstar Games has released a huge update for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, introducing numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, graphical tweaks, stability updates, and more.

for anyone that has tried to play the old nostalgic GTA games. You’ll know it was soooo difficult to play and on a modern setup. I attempted them on the PlayStation 4 a while ago as loved them back in my teens on the PC. First thing I had to really get use to was the bizarre  controls that most gamers won’t be use to not to mention some progression issues that stopped players completing the game.

The patch rolls out improvements across all three games in the trilogy – GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas – and includes over 100 fixes in total. The update is intended to resolve or improve the many performance, technical, and graphical bugs that littered the game at launch.

The long list of patch notes on Rockstar’s support site show GTA 3 has received fixes for some of its faulty textures, improved collision detection for several objects and areas of the map, changes to progression issues, and tweaks to miscellaneous bugs – such as traffic lights no longer permanently displaying green.
Vice City alone is a whooping 8gb in storage for the fixes so it’s pretty big.

San Andreas, meanwhile, has received patches to several faulty camera viewpoints, mission bugs, cinematic glitches, and a massive host of assorted problems that crop up in its minute-to-minute gameplay. The patch notes even list an improvement to the high fade haircut (which presumably is the hairstyle that protagonist CJ is rocking), which should please fans who were disappointed with his new look in the remaster.

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