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Finding The Lost Soul Orb – Review – Dark, Gothic Inspired Horror Puzzle Shooter

Finding The Lost Soul Orb – Review – Dark, Gothic Inspired Horror Puzzle Shooter

Use your crossbow to solve puzzles!

The high wizards created the Soul Orb, and for ages it has served the kingdom well. Now it calls to Alexander in his dreams, and he is determined to uncover its location. Finding the Soul Orb is a medieval fantasy game where you must use a crossbow both as a weapon against creatures of the night as well as a tool to solve environmental puzzles across 12 immersive chapters.

Presented in first-person perspective, this is a story-driven adventure that blurs the line between haunting realism and surreal dreamscapes, a journey that tests the mind and will of the player in one instance and invites exploration and discovery the next, ever balanced between light and dark. Will you survive to see it through?


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Finding the Soul Orb provides gamers with a unique chance to embark on a long-term journey of amazing events and intricate puzzles. The game’s plot revolves around the most valuable matter in the universe – this is the Soul Ball, once created by the great magicians to protect the kingdom from the dark forces. He keeps the past in himself, controls the present and chooses the future. But at one point, the Shar disappears, and the main character, who goes in search of him, has a great responsibility on his shoulders to bring him back, until the dark forces gain the upper hand..

As you might guess, this will not be just an imposing walk, but a real competition in which you will be full of dangers on your way. You have to overcome challenges on each of the 12 levels, and as enemies you will be confronted by ruthless werewolves, against whom the best weapon will be a crossbow, with which you can also solve a huge variety of puzzles, but this will require ingenuity and honed cunning. With each level passed, your enemies will become stronger, smarter, more agile, and their number will only grow. Remember that the developers provide a choice of three levels of difficulty, and during the passage of the storyline they can be switched.

Try to explore the rich world in as much detail as possible. The developers have hidden in it a lot of curious Easter eggs that are waiting for their discoverer.

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