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E3 cancelled yet again!!! It’s not looking so good

Unfortunately, E3 won’t be taking place this year. The E3 event that was supposed to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It turns out that the Entertainment Software Association and the event organizer “Reedpop” have confirmed that the E3 2023 event is no longer going to be taking place this upcoming June. This years E3 event was supposed to take place between June 13th-16th but there were too many video game companies who decided to up out of the event altogether; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo were not going to be making appearances at E3 2023 many people where caught off guard by Ubisoft’s and Sega’s decision to pull out of the event as well.

With so many larger video game corporations pulling out of this years E3 event left the event organizers with no choice but to cancel to E3 2023. It seems like the gaming event has declined in popularity within the past decade or so especially considering how much social media has evolved.

Nowadays, video game companies like Nintendo can use their own platforms to give their own presentations on upcoming titles they want to promote and release in the future. Sony uses their State of Play event to promote upcoming video games which has definitely been more popular than E3 has been within the past couple of years.

This marks the third time within the past five years that E3 has been cancelled which sadly seems like a grave sign for the annual gaming conference program altogether. There has been talk about a E3 2024 event possibly taking place next year but many people are very skeptical about that considering last year event being cancelled along with this years conference.

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