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Dynasty warriors 9 empires trophy & achievement guide

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Trophy/Achievement Guide

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Trophy/Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 5/10

Duration: 25-30 hours

Total trophies: 1 14 21

Offline trophies: All

Online trophies: None

DLC: None

Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 and possible a 3rd to round off a trophies

Number of missable trophies: all can be missed

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires sets players on a quest to conquer ancient China by both sword and strategy. For a more detailed review take a gander here.


The game requires a minimum of 2 full playthroughs to get all trophies/achievements. Below is a guideline of the quickest way to bag the platinum/achievement.

I would say the most efficient way to get all achievements on this game is to do a first playthrough on normal difficulty (or hard if you can manage it without items), you can get the majority of achievements done passively as they are for winning battles and completing/stopping secret plans which you want to do as a priority. Make sure you have a living spouse at the end of your first playthrough in order to create the child officer needed for the second playthrough.

Make sure you play the second playthrough with the child officer and join your parent’s kingdom for the trophy/achievement.

If you played on hard for the first playthrough then hopefully the RNG was on your side and you have the epic gems and artifact needed to not only net you the annoying luck based trophies/achievements, but also make your character pretty powerful for the second playthrough. If you don’t have these yet then maybe try playing on Chaos as I did, although I wouldn’t recommend it as it is really stupidly difficult, otherwise play on hard and hope for better RNG this time around. If you still don’t have the Epic Gem Artifact towards the end of this playthrough you could either try to stall out of your conquering by spending some time gathering resources (get the 200k resources achievements) or training and waiting for invasions to come to you so that the battles are easier or you could save your game and keep repeating the same battle until you have collected what you need.

Once the two playthroughs are out of the way you will likely have a few miscellaneous trophies/achievements to clean up… for these you shouldn’t have to complete any full playthroughs and these will be saves where you don’t have to care about who leaves your kingdom or who doesn’t agree with your policies etc. as you are not trying to beat the whole game again, so start up each save on beginner difficulty and power through the trophy/achievement requirements and before long you’ll have all of the trophies/achievements apart from this one. It’s been known that the platinum/achievement doesn’t pop directly after the last one for some reason and you’ll need to start up a new game which should make it pop for you.

Abs Plays:

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Few features:

  • One of the most drastic differences between Empires and the base game is that the open world is thrown to the side for a smaller stage-like approach similar to previous titles..
  • The create-a-character system has now been further enhanced to Nioh 2 style levels with extra options from that game’s system which may look familiar.
  • The domestic side of things have been expanded even further. Character relationships change more frequently and have even greater effects on the gameplay than the earlier series.
  • Feeling like your inner evil needs to be displayed to show your dominance? you can choose to rule however you wish to rule.
  • Can start from the bottom of the ladder and climb the ranks allowing players to start as a wandering free officer, a loyal marshal, or a leading ruler.
  • An affinity system returns, working somewhat like Dynasty Warriors 8. This one is tied to the officer class and not the weapon in hand, each character has been assigned a class; Infantry, Cavalry and Bow plus more (like bandits, bears, wolves & heavies) all of them share a similar relationship to the previous Heaven, Earth and Man system. There also are other benefits e.g. units of the corresponding type will follow and protect the player, Bow characters can command the archers to fire upon a targeted area etc.

AVOID playing the game on Easy, it really does not do the game justice at all

More to be added soon…

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