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Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 teases us

I’ll eat one of Ryu’s sweaty sandal’s if it’s not…

With the last generation of consoles now disappearing internet the distance, it’s time for the much beloved Street Fighter V to move over. We’ve only seen a tease of Street Fighter 6 so far. But it’s a good one at that. Especially if you like bulging muscles, broad shouldered guys, and scrunching… er, feet. The future of Street Fighter, it seems, is raw power.
More news is due this summer, and the
consoles SF6 is being made for have yet
to be named, but I’ll eat one of Ryu’s sweaty sandal’s if it’s not being built from the ground up to make full use of PS5’s tech.
With the teaser’s focus on rippling man flesh, it’s very similar of that of Tekken 6’s back in 2005 for the E3 tease, which we loved in the PS3 days.

The above trailer features the newcomer Luke, who debuted as the fifth character in Street Fighter 5’s final season. This young MMA brawler is squaring up against a much older-looking Ryu, the iconic protagonist of the Street Fighter series.


SF6 itself is all about generations, so we
could be in for what happened back in Street Fighter III where lots of new fighters were introduced to us.

The designs are a lot more realistic than in Street Fighter’s usual cartoon/arcade look, though Ryu’s broad enough I’m not even sure if he would fit through a average size doorway. Yet when the two unleash special moves, the colours are as flashy as you would expect.
Let’s just hope it doesn’t become too much like Tekken. We all like Tekken because it is Tekken, and Street
Fighter for being Street Fighter. Hopefully it sticks to its roots.

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