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14 chances to win a PlayStation 5 over the next two weeks. Enter Treat Codes

14 chances to win a PlayStation 5 over the next two weeks. Enter Treat Codes

  • Treat Codes is here. Over the next two weeks, codes will appear in unexpected places.* Each one gives you an opportunity to win a PS5™.
  • It’s simple: spot a code, enter it in the widget, answer a quick question and win if yours is one of the closest correct answers.
  • The more codes you find, the more opportunities you have to enter. Remember, the codes can drop anywhere. So keep your eyes peeled.

Sony is giving people around the world, not one, not two – but 14 chances to bag a PlayStation 5 console for absolutely free. The new competition surrounds a globe-spanning code hunt, likely to celebrate the launch of Uncharted in cinemas.

Taking place over the next two weeks, Sony will be distributing 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs across the web, social media and various unexpected places in the real world. Anyone searching for the codes should look to “high-profile events” at sports, film, music and gaming events. Every code obtained can be used to enter into the competition to secure a console.

Aside from being over the age of 18 and having access to a PSN account, which you can sign-up for free, anyone interested can simply head to the PlayStation Treat Codes page and input the code. If correct, a relevant question will be unlocked. Once answered, you will be entered into the draw to bag yourself a PS5.

Sony also advised using the #PS5TREATCODES to keep up with the latest code details. All codes will be released between February 15th and February 28th with anyone able to enter the competition until March 7th, 2022.

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